Crooked House

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If you approach the Crooked House of Wernigerode from the west, then you won’t notice anything amiss. But when you stand in front of it, you’ll be amazed at the sloping angle of the building’s eastern façade. Now you know why this impressive half-timbered construction is known as the Crooked House. Leaning at a staggering 1 point 20 metres off kilter, this house is even more crooked that the famous Tower of Pisa. Both the existing building and its predecessor served as mills. The first building was mentioned in 14th century records as a pond mill, and from 1472 it was a walk mill – a mill used to cleanse cloth, usually wool, of impurities. This first building was already crooked. The mill was bought by a firm of clothmakers in 1636, and a new – straight – building was soon erected...

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Crooked House

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