St. John´s Church

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After Wernigerode received town privileges in the year 1229, more and more people moved here from outlying settlements and estates. Wernigerode had soon outgrown its burgeoning population and a new district was established to the northeast of the town’s original centre. It was called the Neustadt, or new town. And it soon received its own parish church, the church of St. John. Inaugurated in 1279, it’s the oldest original church in Wernigerode.The simple Romanesque lines of the church steeple make an impression even before you enter the building. A wooden figure of St. John the Baptist is positioned above the entrance to the church. As you enter the interior, look straight up to the ceiling, which is a wooden barrel vault. Bright light enters the choir through three large windows. Here you’ll find the decorative highlight of the church, a late Gothic, four-panelled intricately carved altar, portraying scenes from the life of Jesus and Mary...

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St. John´s Church

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